From the Grand Tour 2009-2010 concert programme:

The Grand Tour was a custom, which started in the second half of the seventeenth century. It was thought of as a rite of passage for wealthy young men to travel across Europe, giving them the chance to experience different cultures, view famous works of art and hear certain types of music long before these cultural peculiarities themselves transcended borders. Before the advent of steam travel, these trips could take several months or even years.

SOSPIRO’s Grand Tour is a series of four short concerts allowing our audience the chance to sample music originating from different European countries during this golden age.

With the Tour complete, it would be well to reflect on the places, sounds and ideas visited on our cultural tour of Europe. The season was structured around the idea of the Grand Tour (Wikipedia: Grand Tour), a rite of passage involving travel to the cultural centres of Europe. You can revisit the places and composers we visted on our interactive map (Google Maps: Link)